Jun 23, 2011

Lazy days

Was a super lazy day today. A hot, humid lazy day. Yes, summer here has definitely started! While i could've stayed in my room and been nice and cool with the A/C on, it rather hurts my neck to sit in my bed hunched over my laptop, so i sat out at the tables in the lounge/school area for most of the day, without air. We had the windows open, but that didn't really do much aside from let in the mosquitoes. I got bit 5 times today, and caught the little buggers in action twice. Needless to say they didn't survive. Had run-ins with a couple more in the kitchen, and yet another in my room. Definitely on a roll today!
I am proud of myself too that i actually did some studying, despite being sweaty and miserable. Been slacking on that and i really should be more studious now that i'm not surrounded by the language all day like i was at the guesthouse in Osaka.

Been getting kinda bored lately, so i'm actually kind of looking forward to 'work' tomorrow. Will give me something to do! I have been entertaining myself the past couple days by taking the train in to Tokyo and exploring. Yesterday i spent the day in Ueno, and the day before in Shibuya. Found out there is a Costco, Ikea, and Lalaport (big shopping center) about 20 minutes from here by train, so i think i'll make a trip out there some time next week to explore. :)

And now, just a couple pictures of my room. My mum was asking about it today on Skype, so i figured i'd post a couple pictures. (Was going to actually post these sooner, but Blogger for some reason isn't loading pictures correctly using the 'easy' method, so i'm doing this whole post in html-format.. Kudos me! And thank you, high school computer programming class)

View from the doorway of my bed. Haha, you can see my dinner on my little bedside table- toasted tuna salad sandwich, Cheetos, and those yummy packaged "pancake sands" (haha, gotta love Engrish!)

My wardrobe and shelves. Got a lot of things hanging on the doors- bath towel, scarves, shirt airing out... Got my pants suit and jackets hanging up inside, along with my unmentionables hanging up to dry in there! Don't really like the lack of dryers here..

But yeah, that's it. Nothing spectacular, but after living out of a suitcase for 2 months it's nice to have a place to put away and organize all of my things.

That's it for now. Gonna take a quick rinse in the shower and hop in to bed before it gets any later! Trying to get back on a more decent sleeping schedule.

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