Jun 30, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

*Gotta love cloudy days like today... means it's not unbearably hot and that i won't be soaked in sweat the second i step outside!

*Costco cheese pizza. :)

*Shibuya on Saturday night!  Such good times, still gotta post about that.

*3-way Skype chats with the besties, S and J!

*Video chats with my older sister and adorable baby nephew. :)  If the rest of you would get on board with Skype i could enjoy video chats with you too!  ;)

*Sakanaction. Been really into them recently.  I've already posted their video Rookie on my Facebook, so i'll put another good song of theirs up here instead:

*Music swaps!  A friend/classmate i've known since grade school and i shared some links to bands we've been into recently over Facebook, and he recommended Clazziquai Project.  Been listening to them a lot since. :)

I've found that my taste in music has changed quite a bit.  I still enjoy a lot of the stuff i listened to back in high school, but recently i've been more into pop-y electronic music, like Clazziquai, Sakanaction, Owl City, Mika (well, he's more just pop and not really electronic-y, but you get the idea)

*Love our students!  The school's closed on Thursday, but one of my favorite ladies (there's a group of middle-aged housewives that come here nearly every day we're open.. mostly for the social factor than for actually learning English, lol.  They're a great bunch though).. anyway, my favorite lady just stopped by with a huge bag of anpan!  She's always bringing us homemade breads and cakes and sweets from her baking class, and another lady is always bringing us fresh veggies from her garden- just had a sandwich today with the cucumbers and lettuce she brought. :)

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