Jun 9, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

*Love tortillas.  Was overjoyed when i found some at a shopping center near here (although they were quite overpriced..) and bought some, along with some overpriced salsa and overpriced cheese, and made some delicious quesadillas:

*Love my friends, and i especially love getting to meet up with them after not having seen them for a while. :) 

*Love Kansai people.  I've posted about their friendliness before, but last night one of the homeless guys who sits along Piss Row (as i've come to call it, since that's where the homeless people gather. And pee.  So it always stinks of piss) has started greeting me when i walk past.  Last night i went out for a walk, and he said to me as i went by, "ハロー姉さん .あぶないよ、気をつくんな." (Hello Miss.  It's dangerous, so be careful!)  While it's really not dangerous here (at least I've not ever felt scared or threatened, especially since the majority of the people in my area are all old and hunched over), it was still nice of him to be concerned. :)

*Love Japanese TV.  There's always some sort of variety show or something interesting or crazy on to watch.  Like right now, a few of us are gathered in the living area watching some show where these two people are trying to live on $100 for a whole month, for food and utilities and everything.  While the girl has had a bit of variety with her food, the guy kept making all these weird foods just using rice, salt, and oil- like making rice and then pan frying it and reserving the water that the rice was washed in for soup.

*Japanese commercials.  Sometimes they're just so weird i have no idea what they have to do with the product they're advertising.

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