Jun 6, 2011


Yesterday i finally got to meet up with J after far too long!  Sadly S was not here though.. but hopefully the 3 of us can get together again soon.

Anyway, he arrived in Osaka the other day to begin training before going to work in Himeji.  Yesterday he met me at my station and we walked around the area a little bit, went to the 100-yen store so i could get something for lunch, and on the way he found 10,000-yen bill on the ground, the equivalent of a $100 bill!  I always used to complain to my coworker, because he would always find large amounts of money on the ground but the most i've ever found was $5..  Coulda really used that 10,000 yen too, haha.

After that we made our way to Kyoto, and met with C-chan at the station.  She had brought a friend who had also gone to UW ("P-suke", pronounced "pee-skay") and together we took another train out to go surprise K-chan at his yaki-niku restaurant.  Since J only has Sundays free, but K-chan works on the weekends we figured we could at least go see him at work, since J hasn't seen him since he came back to Japan last year.
He was quite surprised, i think!  He walked in to the little room where we were seated to take our order and stopped and kinda stared at us with a confused grin on his face like, what the hell?  Haha.  It was really fun, and delicious.  I just had a tofu salad, rice, and shrimp and other veggies that we grilled at our table, but the others had lots of things like yukke, beef tongue, and innards.

  On our way to the restaurant!

Reunited at last!

Our spread!  Cooking meat and stuff at the table

Our handsome waiter, K-chan~!

Meeeeeaaaaat...  :p

The whole crew :D

After we were done eating we headed out to a little street festival down the road.  Lots to see and lots to eat!  Couldn't resist a chocolate banana, and J got one too.  P-suke did kingyo-sukui, and C-chan did.. something similar to that but instead of scooping fish it was scooping little squishy marble-like balls.

Really enjoyed yesterday, i wish we could all get together more often!  Especially now that both of my good friends from the guesthouse have left.  :(   I guess now it'll leave me with more time to apply to more jobs though.  Still waiting to hear back from the company i had the phone interview with last week, so still crossing my fingers for that but i do have to prepare for if that falls through!


Judith said...

Food looks delicious! I am not so sure about those squishy balls. Did you try them?

-phx- said...

It was indeed delicious! (At least, what i ate of it was. But everyone else agreed the meat was good too, lol)
And i didn't try the squishy-ball-fishing. I'm not sure what their purpose is either, since you couldn't really handle them because if you squeezed them even a little bit they'd just crumble apart in your hand like.. Jell-o or something. :O

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