Jul 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

Today passed just like any other day.  No barbeques, root beer floats, big celebrations, fireworks, or any of that other exciting stuff.  But me and one of my other house-mates decided to "celebrate" in our own way- once classes were over we took a walk to Freshness Burger to get us some "American" food!  Freshness Burger is the only burger place i know of here that serves veggie burgers.  Not the typical Gardenburger or Boca Burger that i'm used to, but they have one with a bean-based patty, and one with a tofu patty.  Tried the beans one the first time i went there with my other house-mate, so i got the tofu one this time.  Both are quite delicious.

The cashier there tonight was quite nice- younger guy, all smiles.  Greeted us with a "hello" and took our order in English!  Afterward i complimented him on his English (in Japanese lol.. so he switched to Japanese after that), and when i asked him how long he studied he said he only did an exchange program in Canada for a year.  He chatted with us a bit too while we waited for our food.  Got the burger and fries to-go, then popped into a Lawson's on the way back to get some Coke and vanilla ice cream to make Coke floats!  Root beer is a rare, rare thing here (i haven't found any yet, same with refried beans.. i've only heard stories of them) as most Japanese don't like the taste.  They say it tastes like medicine.  I say i only wish some of the medicine i had to take as a kid tasted like root beer!
But i digress..

The 4th here is now over, but for the rest of you on the other side, the festivities should be starting soon.  Make sure to have lots of fun for me!

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