Jul 21, 2011


I've decided that the weather here is almost as schizophrenic as the weather in Seattle.  One day it's hot and humid with the sun beating down, the next it's cloudy and pouring down buckets of rain!  Although rainy season "officially" ended over a week ago, leaving behind its legacy with even more humidity for us to endure once the sun came back full-force, the past few days we've been watching as the typhoon has made its way across the country.  Some places were hit pretty bad, but it wasn't too bad in my area- just a few days of clouds, strong winds, and the occasional downpour.  Yesterday it rained quite a bit in the afternoon, then stayed cloudy for the rest of the day.  By nightfall, the air outside was absolutely refreshing!  So breezy and cool, definitely a nice change from the miserable heat we've been having otherwise.  I didn't even have to turn on the A/C at all, just left the window open all night, and i even actually got a little chilly!

Typhoon hits Japan
Beautiful weather again today.  Partly cloudy, air still nice and cool.  The school's closed today (like it is every Thursday) and we've got all the windows and doors here open, enjoying the nice breezes blowing through.  Typhoon appears to be over though, so i can only expect it to get hot again from here.  Blech!

There was a little festival here last Sunday, and some of my housemates and i went to have a look around, despite the miserable heat.

Gold fish-ing
Lots of masks
Making takoyaki
The traditional dancers

 A whole parade of dancers!
The housemates making faces of... excitement?  haha
Little girls watching the hula dancers
The guy on the left and on the right usually come to the school at night to hang out in the front with us and chat and smoke.  We met them at the festival and hung out with them behind some of the food stands  

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