Jul 10, 2011


Yes.  In approximately 12 hours from now i will be on a plane for a short little 2-hour ride across the sea to Korea!  (Yes, of course, the Southern half!)
A rather spontaneous trip, but since my tourist visa expires the 18th and my working visa won't process until the end of the month at least, i have to take a short little out-of-country trip to make sure i'm not caught overstaying my welcome and get kicked out of the country!  That would just be counter-productive.
Initially i had my sights set on Guam.

Beaches, beaches, and more beaches!  And on top of that, a lot of the comforts of home.  But even if i had just slept on the beach instead of getting a hotel as i considered, the $1000 plane ticket just wasn't worth it for a short 3-hour flight.  Just couldn't find a good deal on any English website i checked, and i just couldn't be assed to navigate any more Japanese websites than i already did (it sucks still being mostly illiterate.. and while i was still able to find some deals on some Japanese sites it just wasn't within my budget).
So, Korea it was!  I can't complain.  Korea is still exciting, the flight is relatively cheap, guesthouse is super-cheap, i get to add another country to my list, and best of all, i get to see some of my Korean friends that i met at UW and haven't seen for about a year!  :D  
Should be in bed now as i have to make sure i'm up in time in the morning, but i still want to download some audio Korean lessons from Youtube.  This will be my first time in a country where i literally only know 2 or 3 words of the language, and i won't have Miss C as my tour guide/translator..  My Japanese is still terrible but i can at least ask for directions and other things, but in Korea i can't ask for or understand anything.  But it should definitely be an adventure and i'm still quite excited. :D

돼지꿈 꾸세요!  "Good night and sweet dreams!"  
(At least that's what the phrase-book says that means, haha)


cristi said...

Have lots of fun! And one day soon we will go together.

Gina said...

Yay for you going to Korea. I've only been to Seoul once. With Noboru and the boys. Noah was about 6 month's old? or around there.

I bought a Korean/English phrase book. I was going to do my best to get by on our short 3 day stay there. But I forgot the book at home. @_@ Why did I do that? We went with zero Korean language skills. : ( But we still had fun.

I love that you travel like this. Guam woulda been nice, but heck...Korea sounds better!!!! I'd like to go back someday soon.

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