Jul 30, 2011

Bullet-Point Updates

*Shibuya Adventures- Had another crazy night in Shibuya with S last weekend.  I realize i never wrote about our first crazy night out in Shibuya, but all you need to know about that is that it was a lot of fun.  This time was just as adventurous.  We met our friend Ku last Sunday night in Shinjuku at her hotel- she had just gotten in to the country that evening for JET training.  We went to an Alcatraz-themed restaurant in Shibuya (which i don't recommend- bad service, mediocre food.. The Lock-Up is much much better!) where we met a couple other friends.  I had to cut out early and head to Roppongi to buy a pre-paid phone off of someone (which ended up not going according to plan so i still have to wait until i can get my gaijin-card to get a SIM anyway..). 
One of the drinks you could get a the restaurant.
Anyway, got back to the restaurant just in time to shove some food in my face before everyone headed their separate ways back home.  S and i meandered around the station trying to decide our best course of action, when we were invited to some drinks by a couple guys.  They ended up being really obnoxious and not fun at all, so S got up and left, and i "went to go get her", and when i met her on the stairs i told her to run because they (well, actually the tubby one of the two) were asking for money for the drinks and stuff (i know right?).  So we took off running!  Terrible i know, but honestly they deserved it.
We were worried about hanging around in the area for fear of running in to them (which, we actually did, but we hid ourselves so they didn't see us), but we found a couple of nice guys and they took us to karaoke and were gentlemen and actually paid for us, so the night ended up being fun after all.  Headed home around 9am(?) with the intention of taking a shower and getting some sleep.  Ended up not being able to sleep until late that night anyway though, so was up for a total of 38 hours!
*Comings and goings- The one good thing about staying in a sharehouse is that i always have company.  The bad thing about it is that i get used to having certain people around and then they have to leave and are replaced by others.  When i got here there were four others- i'll call them Boston, Southern-Cali, NY, and New Jersey.  Canary Islands arrived about a week after me.  NJ and CI were my favourites though, lots of fun to talk to and hang out with.  They both left recently though and have been replaced.  Things are a lot more quiet around here and just aren't as fun..
Missing the old group. :( From left to right: NY, K-to, Canary Islands, YB (on chair), New Jersey. We'd hang out like this almost every night.  K-to and YB don't live here, they'd just come by to hang out.

*Jobs- Just got myself a job!  It's at a daycare of sorts just a couple stations away.  I sent in my resume on Monday, got a call Wednesday to set up an interview on Thursday.  Was a bit nervous about not having a proper working visa yet and about my suit-jacket still being a bit damp (!!).  But it was hardly even an interview!  I seriously just went in, they asked me how long i would be staying in Japan ("At the moment until October, but my working visa is processing and then i'll be able to stay until next July at least"), they asked me how much i wanted to be paid per hour (!! again), if i'd like to be paid day-by-day or weekly, then asked if i was free then and would i like to start working!  They gave me some comfy clothes to change into, and i got to sit around for a couple hours and play with the adorable little 7-month-old baby that was there at the time.  There is another floor to the building where the older toddler-aged kids play, but i was in the nursery area i guess.  Then for the last couple hours i did English-conversation with some of the adults that came in.  Super easy, no preparation or anything, and the owner of the school is a super-nice laid-back guy and he sat in on conversations and just chatted away with us.  It was actually a lot of fun!  The pay is not as high as a lot of the big English-conversation schools in Japan, but those places require a lot of preparation and effort, and can really suck the life out of you.  I've always been of the mindset of what good is a lot of money if you hate what you're doing and can't enjoy actually having money?  I'm fine with being paid less, as long as i'm not hating what i'm doing.  Right now i'm just working there Monday through Wednesday, 4pm to 8pm, and i still have my 2-day a week thing here on Friday and Saturday.  If the school wants to offer me more hours, or even start me going full time, i have the option of staying in the company apartments.  We'll see how that goes though.
But it's so nice to be making money again!  I celebrated today by going to the first summer fireworks show in the area, and also buying a handmade bracelet from the guy who's always selling his stuff just outside of the station.  

Ick, vein-y hand!

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