Apr 9, 2011


This is the longest i've been away from Seattle since i moved there.  In the beginning i would've loved to have been able to come back to Phoenix for a few weeks at a time, but Seattle really became my home and now i really just want to go back.  Don't get me wrong, i am enjoying getting to spend time with my family and see my old friends, but things here are all just a little off..
Like, i can't just go around the corner to the market if i need something, or go down the street to the grocery store or tons of restaurants and the post office and the bank and Bartell's, i can't just walk anywhere i want or meet up with friends on a whim, can't just hop on a bus to go wherever i like.. can't chill at night with S and J and drink and laugh at stupid Youtube videos (although yesterday we all did a 3-way Skype call, which was awesome, talked for almost 3 hours)..
Phoenix is trying to make me feel at home, i guess, since the past few days it's been chilly, and today especially has been pretty cloudy.  But that is the one thing i don't really miss about Seattle, so it's not helping.  Especially since i wanted to soak up some sun while i'm here, since for the vast majority of the past 3 years i've been hidden under long layers of clothing and have seen very very little of the sun, and my skin has been starting to look a little translucent and ghostly.  Got a few days of tanning in here, but not enough..

Watched Titanic with my mum yesterday for the first time in a while.  I'd been wanting to watch it, and before we moved S had tried downloading it from some torrent site for us to watch, which is when she accidentally downloaded the atrocity that is Titanic II  (Confused? We were too).  If you do Bad Movie Nights (have friends over for food/drinks and watch a horrible movie that's great to laugh at) then this is a real winner.  There were some really great parts that had us nearly in tears laughing.
But anyway, the original Titanic.  Still love that movie, it's wonderful.  And after seeing it dozens of times, this was the first time i actually got choked up watching it.  I used to never ever cry at movies or books or anything.  I guess i'm just getting old and emotional.  :p 
Also, while i was watching it i thought "I'd really love to see this in theatres".. i never got the chance to since my mum was opposed to me seeing it at first, but thought "Naw, they're not gonna release it in theatres again.."  Found out afterward though that they actually are planning on re-releasing it, next year!  In 3D!  Not super-stoked about the 3D thing, i think it's fine just as it is, but if i get to see it in theatres on the big screen who cares!  I can't wait! 

Well, i've been lazing about in bed on the computer for about 2 hours.  I guess i should get my butt out of bed now..

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