Apr 26, 2011

Letters from last night

Wrote these last night in the midst of a bit of turmoil.  I didn't post them right when i wrote them because i didn't want the 'rents being all worried.  Got everything taken care of like the good grown-up that i am.  (OMG, so much older now!)  :O

Dear Me,
Next time, do a little more research first.  Apparently there are different types of money orders.  An international money order is (somehow) different from an international postal money order.  That'll save you a lot of grief next time.

Dear Japan,
Could you please be a little more credit card friendly?  I mean come on, even frickin' McDonald's is cash-only?  Not cool.  I just wanted something other than the oranges and half-eaten chocolate bunny in my room.
Lots of love,

Dear Stomach,
Shut up, you ate enough today.  You'll just have to content yourself with these oranges and chocolate for now.  Don't be so greedy. 

Dear Head,
You have a very large playlist up in there.  You played いぬのおまわりさん nearly 24 hours yesterday, you don't need to play it again now.

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