Apr 21, 2011


 So yesterday S and i took a trip to Kiyomizu Temple (清水- pure water, you can read all about it at the link).  It's pretty close to our guesthouse, so we were able to walk there.  We stopped at Seven-Eleven on the way for a late lunch.
 QHOMPing her sammich

 My "oh-niggerie"! (onigiri) Tuna-mayo

 And konbu! Absolutely yums!

We saw this little shrine on the way to Kiyomizu- Wakamiya Hachimanguu

We walked past a lot of shops on the way up the hill to the temple, and the closer we got to the top, the more crowded it became, with hoards of school kids there for field trips.  S and i got sucked into a store with lots of music memorabilia- i got a little hide gift set thing, with a folder, sticker, keychain, and button, and then i got another Dir en Grey button.  There was a little old lady working there who was really sweet and helped us.
After that we continued on up the hill to the start of the temple grounds.

 Look at all those school kids!

 A monk

 Huge torii
 Gods (? or oni?) trapped inside the torii

 Lots of ema
 Panoramic view of the main building

 Cute little girl in a kimono purifying her hands with the water

 The three streams of water

 I hate these toilets and try to avoid them at all costs.  But i had to pee really bad and this was my only option..

 We brought J with us!  He got his picture taken in front of a pagoda

A pretty koi in the pond with sakura blossoms on the water

Then we headed back down the hill to go home.

 I forget what those cart things are called..

 消火用- for extinguishing fires.  A bucket of water! I love it!

 View down the main street we went up. You can see Kyoto Tower in the distance

Some crazy clay guys in a store window

We went and got some takoyaki from the little vendor down the street and brought them back to our room to eat. They were sooooo frickin' good!

We just chilled in our room the rest of the night and went to bed fairly early.  It was actually the first i'd been able to go to bed before midnight in a looooong time, it was nice.  Woke up at a decent time this morning too, but i haven't left my futon yet except to go pee.  I'mma shower now so we can head out again soon!

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