Apr 18, 2011

Packing, packing...

Some pictures, chronicling my last few days in AZ. 

Made okonomiyaki and guacamole, mmmm!  SW and her friend said grace, while Jer and i took pictures of it.

Had a bonfire at Jer's house.  He and our friend B dug a firepit in the backyard and a few others came over for marshmallows, beer, steak, and the type of debauchery that happens with bonfires..

...like, roasting earthworms in the flames and eating them.

And using dead weeds as kindling, resulting in an 8-foot-high flame.

Went out to the bars last night with my old coworkers/good friends C (middle) and L (right).  Believe it or not, C and i used to be twins.  Older people who would come into our store would get us confused.  Then i went to Seattle and C turned into a man. *sigh*  Anyway, good times were had last night.  It was Pride Weekend so the bars/clubs in the area were jumping with activity and festivities.

Now, back to packing!

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