Apr 22, 2011


I have to start this post first by saying that i somehow seriously ended up with some of the sweetest, most awesome friends in the world.  All of you.  Seriously!
 Yesterday was pretty lazy for the most part.  S and i woke up early but spent most of our time on Facebook.  It was drizzling outside when we went to the conbini to get lunch, and walking around sight-seeing or whatever in the rain probably wouldn't have been much fun anyway.  I took a nap mid-afternoon too, since i hadn't been feeling too well the past few days.  Sore throat mostly, but yesterday my head and ears started getting achy too.  
So then around 6, our friends that we met at UW last year came to pick us up.
 The wonderful K-chan driving!

 Cute little C-chan!

  S and i in the back

We drove around for a long time trying to decide what to do.  Go see some shrines?  Naw, it's getting kinda late.  Go to Kyoto Tower?  Kinda similar to the Space Needle though.  Oh, well, we should still go!  Oh wait!  We should go to this place and drink some good matcha!  We drove around for an hour i think, in a huge loop around the city i guess, before we ended up at the Aeon Mall, which is only like, 10 minutes from our guesthouse, haha.  We walked around looking at some of the clothing stores, i had to stop at one of the arcades to play Taiko no Tatsujin.  One of our other friends from UW met up with us after a bit, and we took some purikura together. 

 Trying on some glasses in Uniqlo
  K-chan and i playing Taiko no Tatsujin, he was super good!

 Our purikura! You can get one sent to your phone, so C-chan had this one sent to hers then forwarded it to us.  There are a few other pics but i'll have to scan those.  This one says Nakayoshi! which would be the English equivalent of 'Best Friends!'  :)  I also added the car, since we drove around so much that night.  xD

Then we went to some really nice restaurant that was way up on the 8th floor of a building.  They do this whole all-you-can-eat-and-drink thing and we ordered a TON of food, and each had about 3 drinks, except for for K-chan sadly, since he had to drive.  :-/  But everything was super delicious.

 S's picture of the view from the restaurant

 Blurry picture of the inside of the restaurant.  It was super loud in there, everyone was having a great time drinking.  And smoking, since it's still allowed indoors here!

 Our first round of food- there's some wasabi-octopus in the little bowl in front of the fries, then some chicken, and some mayo-shrimp salad in the back there.  There's my melon sour in the front there, and C-chan's pomegranate Chu-hi.


 Me and cute little C-chan!  *qhomp!*
 Crazy faces!

 The Grinch face!  Haha, we missed this~

 C-chan with our drawing of J!  But you can't see J at all here..

 Haha, you can see him a little bit here.

We were about done eating, when suddenly the lights started dimming and this crazy weird birthday music started playing.  I remember looking across the table at S and singing part of the song and dancing all weird to it, "♪Very special~! Very special~!♪"  But then there was our waiter next to me with a plate of really pretty desserts with candles all in it and "Happy Birthday" written on it, and it suddenly hit me.  Haha, i'm terrible with surprises- my friends threw a surprise party for my 20th birthday and i cried then, so of course this time i cried too!  I had to keep my face covered too because of all the attention, lol.  People from the other tables clapped and cheered too, which was nice.

 Haha, S took a picture of me in shock!  xD  I was shaking so much too as i was trying to eat some of the delicious desserts on the plate.

 Soooo good!  And look at that pretty writing!  On the right it says, "To メイガン" (my name)

 Present from K-chan, a bracelet with my 'stone of birth', lol!  S got one too with her birth stone, as a belated birthday gift.  <3

 The waiter took a Polaroid pic of everyone, and C-chan wrote on the top and bottom- Congrats M <3 <3  And K-chan wrote 'very special', lol.

Group shot with S's camera

It was awesome!  Like, this was the first time in over a year i'd seen these guys, and they went and did all that.  Seriously love these guys! <3
That's enough mush for now though!  It's raining again today, and i guess it's supposed to rain through until Sunday.  Bleh.  Going to meet Miss A soon, and another friend too for lunch and maybe some sightseeing.

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