Apr 13, 2011

Less Than a Week

Countdown is down to 5 days.

I've been trying to prepare, but there's not too much i can do right now- packing would be pointless since i still need my clothes and toiletries.  Stalling my Netflix and Amazon accounts now would mean i couldn't watch movies for the last few days, and might miss a sale on Amazon..  I do have a list of 'things to buy' and 'things to do' before i leave though.
Was up pretty late last night on Skype with S and J, getting bus routes/tickets and rental keitai (cell phone) business sorted out.  Then i proceeded to do... i don't remember, important things? on the internet until 4am. Oh yeah, was writing up a detailed itinerary for my parents and such..  Anyway, been trying to get my sleeping habits back to normal since they got pretty messed up over the past 6 months because of endless school/work/study schedule where i'd be up til 4 or 5 or 6 in the morning.  Had been getting to bed by 2:30 or 3, but with a big trip to plan for just around the corner it doesn't seem like i'll be doing much better than that.  Hopefully it'll get back on track in Japan.  I tend to adjust to the time difference there pretty well and have never gotten jisa-boke (jet-lag).

I'm super excited and super nervous, but as seems to happen before any big trip for me, it doesn't really feel like i'm going.  Definitely doesn't feel like it's only 5 days away.
Meeting up soon with my good buddy to go get some dinner.  Then tomorrow i've got plans with some other good friends of mine from high school to do some cooking and hanging out.  Friday i've got to take the dogs to the groomers and do trip-related shopping and get some $ converted to ¥ and traveler's checks.  Saturday... not sure, probably trim and re-dye my hair, get some more friend and family time in.  Sunday is family dinner and then pack like CRAZY, to be ready to leave for the airport nice and early Monday morning.
Best way i can describe the feeling is...

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