Apr 24, 2011

How I spent my Easter

Yesterday i did... nothing!
I was sick.  Drowning and suffocating in mucus. Yum.  Got back to our room around 8:30 Saturday night and i was passed out by around 9.  Slept through til about 9am yesterday, woke up for about an hour, then went back to sleep for a few more hours.  S went to go meet her friends, but i just couldn't get myself up so i stayed home.  Got up eventually and showered and walked down to Seven-Eleven for some food.  I told the guy as he was ringing me up, "Fukuro irimasen (I don't need a bag)" but i was so congested, nasally, and hoarse, he had to ask me 3 times whether i had said 'irimasu (I need)' or 'irimasen (I don't need)'.  Blegh.
I tried to be somewhat productive though.  Updated my profile and resume on Gaijinpot.com.  Did a little studying.  But aside from that trip to Seven-Eleven (and then again later for dinner), i stayed wrapped up in my futon with tissues shoved up my nose.
Feeling much better today though!

And now some pics from Saturday, S and i met up with K and Miss A!  Went to a really delicious healthy all-you-can-eat bar, went to the Manga Museum, then had some okonomiyaki for dinner!

 The remnants of my first plate. I was so hungry i forgot to take a picture before i ate it all.  But that plate was overflowing with food.  So good!

 My second round/dessert plate.  Some salad, tomatoes, broccoli, and tofu on the left.  Sweet potato with apples, red-bean mochi, matcha gummy square, cheesecake-ish square, and wine 'jelly' (jell-o)

 Me and the lovely Miss A!

 S, K with her beloved ochazuke, and Miss A

 We spent a good couple hours at the Manga Museum coloring!

 My finished coloring project, cut out and posing in the diorama boxes they had set up just for this purpose

 At the okonomiyaki place! Me dying from the fever that started kicking in around then, and Miss A looking so excited about the prospect of deliciousness!


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